We’re excited to be launching two new videos showing the impact of our work, both of which have been made possible thanks to generous support from Deloitte, one of our corporate partners.


Teens and Toddlers

The first is a short, live-action film showcasing two of our Teens and Toddlers programmes. We took a small film crew to visit secondary schools and nurseries in both Bury and London where we met a whole host of people participating in the programme.


We met with teenagers, toddlers, teachers and parents to find out their views on the programme and what it’s changed for them. The film offers a unique insight into all aspects of the programme and captures the mentoring relationships between the teenagers and the toddlers better than ever before. 


Chloe and Callum


The second new film took us into the world of animation to bring to life what we do.


Through the characters for Chloe and Callum this short animation shows how our programmes can positively change the lives of young people who are struggling at school. The film offers an engaging insight into what can happen when a young person can’t fulfil their potential while they’re at school and the impact this has on their life as they get older – and the cost this unfulfilled potential represents to society. You can watch the animation here: 


Thank you to Deloitte for helping us to create these films and tell these stories.