We have worked with companies of all sizes for a number of years, and as a consequence we are now in a postion where we can offer companies a great deal as their 'Charity of the Year'.

We ensure that each of our Charity of the Year proposals contain the following three elements: 

  1. Each proposal is bespoke for the company, regardless of size, industry etc.
  2. We devise a way of communicating the impact of the charity to all employees using our evidenced based approach - all of our supporters are confident that their money and effort is going to make a difference
  3. We devise a way of engaging employees. Employees understanding that we're an impactful children's charity isn't enough and it is down to us to come up with fun ideas to motivate employees with fun ideas.

Power2 as Charity of the Year 

CIBC’s London team selected Power2 as one of three charity beneficiaries for 2017-18.  Through the CIBC Children’s Foundation, the bank raised vital funds to support our work with young people across London.

CIBC’s fundraising initiatives throughout the year includes CIBC Miracle Day, when CIBC Capital Markets employees donate their fees and commissions to the CIBC Children's Foundation. This annual global day of giving takes place on the first Wednesday in December, and funds raised are used to improve the quality of life of children affected by disability, illness, social deprivation or life-limiting conditions.

So far, CIBC’s team members have participated in various fundraising activities, including a treasure hunt, auctions, raffles and a bake-off!

It's been a fantastic experience being CIBC's charity of the year and we can't wait to work with more companies.

If you're interested in partnering with Teens and Toddlers, please contact our Corporate Partnerships Manager, Maggie Allen, either by phone (020 7939 3999) or email ([email protected])