Educational priority

Teens and Toddlers

Attainment Research* into the impact of the Teens and Toddlers programme demonstrates the following:
  • Pupils’ ability to achieve good grades increased by 26%.
  • Engagement with school increased by 25%.
  • 80% of teachers agreed that since completing the programme, students showed an improvement towards education.

*Research is based on teachers' feedback.

Mental Health & Well-Being The Teens and Toddlers programme offers mentoring and one-on-one coaching to support personal development. Our Programme Lead Facilitators are all experienced youth services professionals, comfortable with working with pupils to overcome challenges, such as academic, vocational, social, emotional or behavioural nature.
Health & Social Care The Teens and Toddlers programme allows students to obtain an NCFE qualifcation which overlaps with the BTEC Level 1 First Diploma in Health & Social Care through its comprehensive curriculum. In addition to this, students explore many aspects of the Level 2 First Diploma in Health and Social Care.
Personal, Social Health & Economic curriculum & Sex Relationship Education The latest Teens and Toddlers research revealed that:
  • 74% of participants reported that the programme positively influenced their decisions around having protected sex.
  • 79% of participants reported that the programme increased their knowledge on sexual health.
  • 69% of participants reported that the programme influenced their decision about the age they would want to have children.
Ofsted – personal development, behaviour and welfare The Teens and Toddlers programme aims to effectively address the provision of moral and social development. The Teens and Toddlers curriculum encourages students to reflect on their own experiences; the experiences of the young children they mentor, to recognise the difference between right and wrong, and to understand the consequences of their behaviour and actions. This encourages students to develop a range of social skills in different contexts, and to learn effective strategies for co-operating with others and
resolving conflicts.