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I'm a professional Robin Hood – seeking financial and in-kind support from corporates to enable us to support our young people.

Maggie is an experienced Corporate Partnerships Professional who creates partnerships between charities and companies that really add value and prestige through shared values and objectives. Her experience covers banking, retail, recruitment, hospitality and catering, construction, energy, finance, asset management, insurance, manufacturing and media. Maggie's natural curiosity for the uniqueness of each business means she enjoys shaping new partnerships and can bring something fresh to each partnership she creates.

Maggie's background includes having managed Corporate Partnerships Teams in a number of charities including The Children’s Society and Sue Ryder and she is passionate about issues surrounding childhood poverty. Outside of work Maggie is a keen climber, mountaineer, runner and allotment holder.

The approach at Power2 is so inspiring and innovative; it allows me to capture that energy and drive through creating partnerships that offer a fresh, vibrant approach to business issues.