We are always looking for ways to develop and build on the work we do with young people. We’ve taken our key programme models (Teens and Toddlers and Young Leaders) and adapted these to design and develop new programmes focused on achieving specific outcomes such as increasing young people’s levels of activity and employment after higher education. We’ve been able to do this with the support of partners such as Sport England and the Walcot Foundation who we have worked closely with to design programmes that deliver life changing results for the young people who take part.

If you’re interested in our programmes and approach and would like to talk to us about applying this design to other potential programmes, please do get in touch on [email protected].

Power2 Be Active 

Our Power2 Be Active programme pairs young people aged 13-15 with nursery or primary school children (aged 2-5 years) to mentor them with activities which promote exercise. Weekly classes consist of young people designing and leading activity sessions (for example, a treasure hunt) to get young children moving more.

Through the added support provided by young people, children experience boosts to their learning using fun, engaging and active methods. Young people also develop their communication, leadership and interpersonal skills while working towards a Sports Leadership qualification.

Whilst much of our work centres on the school environment, we also focus on the attitudes and activity levels of the whole family. By changing young people and children’s attitudes to exercise and being active, they become ambassadors for movement and more healthy lifestyles at home.

In addition to the mentoring aspect of the programme, young people also organise and promote movement-based activities in their local community. The programme encourages young people to collaborate to design initiatives and lead activities involving members of the public. These activities take place on evenings and weekends and function as an extra-curricular activity that builds confidence, leadership and active citizenship in young people through social action in their community.

To find out more about Power2 Be Active get in touch with Samantha Marcus at [email protected] 

Power2 Advance

We have recently partnered with the Walcot Foundation to deliver Power2 Advance: a three-year project to develop a tailored programme of support for their individual grant recipients, aimed at sustaining engagement in further and higher education and helping young people make a positive transition from study to employment.

If you are a Power2 Advance member, or wish to find out more about the programme, please get in touch with Stacy Edwards at [email protected]