We unleash the power of children and young people to improve their lives and the lives of others through mutually beneficial relationships.

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What we do

Our programmes are designed to develop crucial life skills, improve confidence and boost self-esteem through mentoring and positive psychology.

By focusing our programmes on helping young people to build a positive relationship and act as role models, 73% of young people who participated in our Teens and Toddlers programme said they felt like a person of worth at the end of it.

We target children and young people who are at a critical point in their lives and struggling with school - for whatever reason. Our programmes are designed so young people can get the most out of their education and reach their potential.

We look beyond the problems young people face, and towards their potential. We nurture the assets, talents, resources and abilities all children possess.

Everything we do focuses on at least one of three things:

Delivering programmes which incorporate mentoring and positive psychology.

Evidencing our impact.

Speaking out.

Our Programmes

We currently run two core programmes:

 Teens and Toddlers is an educational programme which sees young people mentor children in a nursery setting and is designed to help young people succeed at school.

Young Leaders is a programme for graduates of the Teens and Toddlers programme aged 13-21. It focuses on helping young people to further develop skills that will enable them to thrive in different environments, such as at school, at work and at home.

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Our Impact

Year after year, thanks to the high degree of fidelity provided by our programmes, we achieve some truly excellent results with our young people and young children.

92% of teachers said the young person benefited from the Teens and Toddlers Programme.
83% of young people said the Teens and Toddlers programme helped them decide their goals and plans for the future.
95% of young people said they were encouraged by the advice and support they received with Young Leaders.
88% of young people said they felt more confident in achieving their goals as a result of being a Young Leaders member.

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