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My role is to provide support for the Programme Lead with the delivery of the Teens and Toddlers programme, helping to tailor the course to meet the needs of each young person so they get what they need individually to succeed.

Scarlett started out as a volunteer on a young women's evening at a water adventure youth club on before "falling in love" with the core values of Power2. Scarlett joined us a programme apprentice and quickly became a programme assistant. She also works part time at the very same youth club she volunteered with due to her experience with Power2.

What inspires me is seeing the young people we work with achieve, their faces when they start on the journey of a positive future! My favourite part of this job is how much we can raise aspirations within a young person, its hard not to have your own aspirations raised at the same time which is why I am embarking on a university degree in Arts and Humanities with every intention of becoming a teacher and continuing to be a person within a school who raises aspirations and self efficacy within schools.