1. Collection from school

On the day of the programme, two members of the Teens and Toddlers delivery team meet the students at their school and escort the young people to a local primary school or nursery.

2. Check-in at nursery

On arrival at the nursery, the Teens and Toddlers team and the students will have a 15-minute check-in to ensure everyone is in the right frame of mind to go into the nursery.

3. Nursery time

Under supervision and with coaching, the students will spend up to 1.5 hours in the nursery being a role model to a child allocated to them. They will mentor the same child every week.

4. Classroom time

The classroom session begins with ‘See and Say’. During this exercise the team share feedback with the students from working in the nursery setting, sharing positive feedback and praise. The students, in turn, talk through their experience of the session. During classroom time the students will work through sections of the Teens and Toddlers curriculum. They will do journal work designed to support improvement in their reflective and writing skills. They will receive an NCFE Level 1 Interpersonal Skills qualification upon programme completion.