Teens and Toddlers is a programme which sees young people mentor children in a nursery setting.

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Teens and Toddlers is an educational programme designed to help young people succeed at school.

Our programme is delivered on one morning or afternoon per week over 16 modules. We target young people at risk of not achieving their academic potential at a crucial stage of their lives. Young people on our programme will:

  • Act as a mentor and a role model to a child in a nursery
  • Have the opportunity to gain a national qualification in Interpersonal Skills
  • Engage in group work learning which includes coaching to boost their confidence and aspirations


We work with young people (aged 13 to 17) who are at risk of not achieving their academic potential and need our support. This need may be because of:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Behavioural issues
  • Poor attendance
  • A history of exclusions
  • Poor attainment
  • Disengagement from school
  • Engagement in risky behaviour

Or it may be because they have the following characteristics:

  • They are looked after children (LAC)
  • They have statements of special needs
  • They are in receipt of free school meals


There is a solid educational pedagogy behind the programme and a strong body of academic research supporting its key elements. Our programme has an experiential curriculum underpinned by current psycho-educational research. Addressing the drivers of low self-esteem and low academic attainment, we consistently achieve excellent results with young people thanks to the high degree of fidelity provided by our programmes.

92% of teachers said the young person benefited from the Teens and Toddlers Programme.
83% of young people said the Teens and Toddlers programme helped them decide their goals and plans for the future.
73% of young people said the Teens and Toddlers Programme left them feeling like a person of worth, at least on an equal with others.

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 "I think it’s important to give kids something to look up to. If I’m doing something wrong they’re going to copy, which I don’t want to do...I look forward to it and actually have fun with it instead of feeling like I’ll get taken the mick out of...I think I’ve changed quite a lot; I’ve got responsibilities and I’ve got to look after the kids’ safety. I feel like they respect me." Mark, 13, Teens and Toddlers Graduate

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The programme lasts for half a day per week across 16 weeks, and includes nursery placements, group coaching and detailed feedback.

Nursery Sessions

  • We help you select cohorts of 8 to 10 students that fulfil our target criteria
  • We place them in a partner nursery 1 morning/ afternoon per week for 3 hours
  • During this time they mentor/ act as a role model to a young child, helping them to build relationships and develop self-esteem and a sense of responsibility

Coaching Sessions

  • Group sessions led by trained facilitators to boost confidence & aspirations, educate teens on basic life skills such as contraception, employment and relationships
  • Example sessions include: Communicating & Developing, Human Potential, Learning as Exploring

Ongoing Feedback

  • Teenagers fill in a weekly journal and facilitators report back to school teaching staff on progress each week
  • Teenagers receive an accredited NCFE Level 1 in Interpersonal Skills qualifcation during their graduation ceremony upon programme completion
  • Following the 16 weeks there will be a detailed debrief session for each student to discuss possible next steps, personalised to the individual’s needs


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