We began working with Deloitte in June 2016 as one of their Society Partners, alongside 21 charities, 9 social enterprises and 18 schools across the UK.

This major partnership is helping to deliver Deloitte UK’s new Responsible Business strategy, One Million Futures. Their goal is to help a million people get to where they want to be; whether it’s in the classroom, the workplace or the boardroom. Through this strategy Deloitte seeks to overcome barriers to education and employment, giving individuals the skills and opportunities to succeed. It focuses on what really matters to Deloitte in society – raising aspirations, building skills and developing leaders.

With Deloitte’s Manchester Office support over the next three years, we will work in a partnership that includes skills-based volunteering with our young people across Manchester as well as gaining pro bono business support, including working together on a project that will help Teens collect and use data more effectively and efficiently. The outcomes of this project will be improved cost-efficiencies in data-collection and enhanced ability to analyse data to support our outcomes with young people.

Maggie Allen, Head of Fundraising, Power2