COVID-19 has impacted millions of people and we are not alone. We have had to be extremely nimble and responsive as an organisation, and the speed which we've adapted will stand us in good stead in the future.

As an organisation, we've emerged stronger than before the pandemic. The young people we work with, though, have been disproportionately affected by the crisis and we are extremely concerned about its continued impact on them. We are here to support them - and their schools to support them - for as long as they need.

In our 2020-22 impact report we reflect on the last two and a half years for Power2 and the children and young people we work with. We celebrate the launch of 3 new programmes, 4 local authority commissions and our coordinated pandemic response. We also share our key learnings and look forward to our plans for the future.

"I'm very proud to be CEO of Power2. I'm proud of everything the team has achieved over the past few years. Above all, I'm proud of the children and young people we work with, as they go on to take their rightful place in the world." - Julie Randles, CEO

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