Happy International Women's Day 2022!

IWD (8th March) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It's an important one for us here at Power2, as we are a women-led organisation!

This year's theme is #BreakTheBias. To mark the day we asked the two women who joined us most recently - Nicci Russell, our Chair of Trustees, and Madison Charlton, our Programme Assistant - to give their view on how Power2 is breaking the bias for women, both the young people we support and the women who power the organisation.

How do you feel being a part of a woman led organisation? 

Nicci: So proud! In my day job I’m part of a women-led organisation too - and it’s an amazing feeling. I feel I’m lucky to be able to be my authentic self in all my roles. I feel that being part of a women-led organisation is also a tribute to the caring and impressive women who have shaped me - my Mum, sister, grandmothers and aunties, notable bosses, and my friends.

Madison: I love being part of a woman led organization, especially an organization that is so open to trying new approaches and not afraid to break the mould.

Nicci: I always try to take time to encourage younger women in their careers. The one piece of advice I give them is ‘remember, your voice counts - the thing you have to say is interesting and important!’. Early on in my career I used to worry about speaking in meetings and now I try always to ensure meetings I’m in are a safe space for everyone to contribute.

Visibility is really important, and I hope when younger women see us leading, it shows them what’s possible.


How does Power2 help the women of the future, or what do you think the best thing Power2 does for women of the future? 

Madison: Every programme Power2 runs offers something a little different, but I think overall Power2 teaches young women that they have so much potential and value, and that they can use their strengths to succeed at whatever they want to do.

Nicci: Young Leaders is a fantastic programme, and the graduates it produces are awesome. The beauty of all Power2’s programmes is that this awesomeness was there all along - the ‘power’ in these young people is simply being released with Power2’s support. 

Power2 helps young women develop leadership skills, learn about governance - we have three amazing young women Trustees on our Board who have come through the Young Leaders programme - understand and see the value in themselves and help them refocus on their education and where they want to end up. I’ve heard graduates of the Teens and Toddlers programme say that seeing their toddler so thrilled to see them, and only wanting them - no one else - helped them realise their own value. Realising our own value can sometimes (though not always) be harder for women, so this is an amazing legacy of all Power2’s programmes in so many young women’s lives.


How does Power2 help #BreakTheBias? 

Madison: Power2 breaks the bias by showing young people that anyone can do anything, regardless of their gender, race, background, etc. Young women can successfully engage in leadership activities and take steps toward achieving their career goals through the Young Leaders programme, while young men can take on caring responsibilities and mentor a toddler through Teens & Toddlers.

Gender should not determine the types of roles young people envision themselves in, and Power2’s programmes allow young people to experience this through their own development as well as that of their peers.

Nicci: The other thing I think Power2 does for women of the future is that it develops young people of all genders who have empathy. Empathy breeds feminists. And we women know we need all the allies we can get to fix things - the patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself!