This world mental health day, we’re excited to share our new animation which shows how our programmes can bring about positive change for young people experiencing mental health difficulties or challenges.

Chloe and Callum

Through the characters of Chloe and Callum we see how the power of mentoring can change young people’s lives and help them overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety. The film also shows the positive impact our programmes can have on young people who are struggling at school and how we support them so that no opportunity is closed to them. The film offers an engaging insight into what can happen when a young person is unable to fulfil their potential while at school – be it through mental health difficulties or other reasons - and the impact this can have on their life as they get older.

Thank you to Deloitte for helping us to create this animation and bring to life the work Power2 does to help make sure young people are able to fulfil their potential.