Our BeyondMe team of PwC graduates chose to work with Power2 as we felt passionate about their core values and their commitment to supporting disadvantaged young people in the community. Helping Power2 develop their Young Leaders Group felt like a natural fit. Working as one team over the course of 14 months, the Power2 and BeyondMe teams – including several Young Leaders – set out to create a new and improved youth-development programme for the young people.

Scott Ruby and his colleagues at PwC were tasked with delivering interactive skills and careers workshops with young people, helping them to recognise their skills, learn new ones and open up careers opportunities suited to them.

Across 14 months Scott and his team gave their time, skills and energy to deliver interactive careers and skills workshops for our Young Leaders members aged 15-20, who are often struggling to see their potential and understand the careers pathways they could follow.

This was achieved through a number of initiatives - among the most notable was the new Progression Pathways curriculum, and a reconfigured IT system which helps provide a more personalised experience for each young person on the programme. For our BeyondMe team, it was a privilege to work with Power2 and to contribute to such a fantastic programme.

Scott Ruby, Senior Associate, PwC