It was great to see scores of South London pupils inspired by a corporate workshop hosted by one of the world’s largest investment banks. Nomura, a top city firm funding the Teens and Toddlers programme in London, hosted a careers skills workshop attended by Year 9 and 10 Deptford Green School pupils. In addition to practicing interview techniques young people were given a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into life at Nomura. The firm, who have helped many of our young graduates build their career skills, recently took two of our young ambassadors on work experience placements.

Commenting on the experience one Deptford Green school pupil said:

Their offices were amazing and it made me think about work in a different way. I might not work in a bank or be a trader in the future but now I know of jobs I didn’t know about before. I also found out that people really enjoy their jobs and the people they work with and that is really important.

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