In July 2015 it was announced that alongside Adviza, Power2 had become the first charity to deliver outcomes sufficient to return investor capital. Full results will be published in 2016 when the projects come to an end.

In October 2012, the Department of Work and Pensions Innovation Fund awarded two Social Impact Bond contracts worth £7m to fund positive social outcomes for young people on the Adviza and Teens & Toddlers programmes. The Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are managed by Social Finance. Unlike typical social service delivery, the funding for the Social Impact Bonds is provided at risk by social investors whose financial return is aligned to the positive social impact of meeting pre-agreed educational, training and employment outcomes.

It is incredibly exciting to watch the important impact these two innovative organisations are having on the life chances of some of our most vulnerable young people. Massive congratulations to Adviza and Teens and Toddlers! Enormous thanks too to the social investors who have helped to unlock such potential

Richard Johnson, Chair of the Adviza and Teens and Toddlers Social Impact Bonds, Social Finance

Social investors provided the money needed to run the programmes and are rewarded by the DWP if the adolescents achieve a number of defined targets, including improved attitude, behaviour and school attendance, educational and life skills qualifications and employment. Outcomes payments from the Innovation Fund may be claimed over the three and a half years of the programme.

The Power2 SIB has supported young people in the Greater Manchester region. 75% of the young people involved received an entry-level qualification at the end of the intervention and outcomes for improved attitude and behaviour were attained.

Social investment has played a crucial role in enabling Power2 to expand our activities with schools and teenagers in the North West. We work with many young people in disadvantaged areas at a key phase in their lives to help them succeed in education, work and life, regardless of what has occurred in their lives before. Our programme, which helps teenagers build vital life skills by acting as mentors to nursery children, is the only one of its kind in the UK and we are proud to have exceeded the targets set for the charity

Joanne Hay, Chief Executive, Power2