Amy Flynn, a Trainee Science Teacher at Hackney New School, recently got in touch to tell us about the impact that working with Power2 had, both on herself and her students.  

“Co-facilitating the Teens and Toddlers programme as the nominated school lead for Hackney New School not only opened up new avenues for the students, but certainly for myself, as a young professional and educator.

As the content of the programme is so diverse, well-structured and accessible to all different abilities, it never gets boring. It is exceptionally rewarding to witness the exponential rate at which progress is made by disengaged students with low self-esteem. Throughout the 16 week programme, the students learn to recognise self-destructive behaviours and identify ways to correct them and communicate their needs.

Going into the nursery and getting hands-on experience was certainly the highlight of the week for both myself and the teenagers. They were able to fully immerse themselves as mentors and create positive connections with the young children, which was a key part of their personal development on the programme. They would leave the nursery with a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment, with big smiles on their faces and pride in their work. Their efforts were certainly acknowledged by the nursery, which in turn has encouraged them to not only apply themselves more in school, but also to strengthen and develop their interpersonal skills in all aspects of their life. This will no doubt play a key role in their futures.

"The programme has also encouraged me to try different approaches with young people, particularly using positive reinforcement strategies where possible. It's given me greater insight into how I can build stronger relationships with my students, which in turn facilitates behaviour management and makes for a more constructive learning experience. Furthermore, I learnt how to vocalise my expectations better, incentivising students to excel rather than misbehave."

I am incredibly grateful to have worked with the brilliant, professional and approachable programme lead, Dawn Kendall, who mentored me through the whole process. I really appreciate the opportunity I was given to support this programme.

The Teens and Toddlers programme has had a significant impact on the students from Hackney New School, but it has also played a key role in my personal development as an educator."