Power2 had everything and more of what I was looking for in the next place I wanted to work. The evidence-based approach and the use of mentoring and positive psychology when designing and delivering wellbeing programmes for young people caught my attention as it is how I want to profile the psychology professional I want to be.
Angelica previously worked as an Educational Support Teacher. She supported young people’s virtual education by implementing education and wellbeing strategies, and considering students’ strengths and needs.
She also completed a clinical and educational psychology internship, where she applied clinical interventions for emotional disorders in adults. She also delivered socio-emotional workshops for kindergartner children. She learned how to give constructive feedback to students when she was a teaching assistant for two undergraduate modules.
I wanted to be part of a charity that promoted young people's wellbeing by delivering educational programmes. I believe that wellbeing and mental health educational programmes are one of the best ways to contribute to young people's lives and support them in becoming great adults. Furthermore, when I first came across Power2, I became really interested in their mission and vision, which highlight the importance of supporting young people in reaching their potential by giving them resources to develop life skills.