There can be several reasons why a child may not be attending school. This can include low self-confidence, special educational needs and trauma. Children often find it difficult to articulate their feelings in a way that school and family can understand. This was true for Faith.

Faith, aged 13, had low attendance and was often unable to stay in lessons which resulted in her getting detentions and being excluded from school on multiple occasions.

Teachers recognised the unique challenges Faith faced and proactively put her forward for Power2 Rediscover support where she was partnered with Hazel, a Power2 Programme Lead.

Hazel said, “Faith and I developed our relationship throughout the programme. I became someone Faith could share her worries and concerns with. She explained that would get overwhelmed in lessons if asked to read aloud or write longer-developed answers. She has also very recently lost her Nanna who was a source of stability in Faith’s life, and this regularly upsets Faith.”

“On top of this, she has issues with another child who winds her up with name-calling and confrontation both in school and on her way there.”

“She really had a lot of weight to carry, and I hoped to relieve some of that.”

Hazel became an advocate for Faith working with her teachers to create a safe support system and the nurturing environment she needed.

Having 1:1 Power2 Rediscover sessions with Hazel had an incredible impact on Faith. She said, “I do well when Hazel comes to my English or Maths lessons. She helps me when I can't read the teacher's writing. Hazel got me a pass so I can leave lessons if they get too much.”

Though Faith’s literacy development was initially interrupted by many difficulties and outside circumstances, it’s back on track and she now has a Teaching Assistant to support her too.

When asked why she would recommend the programme to others Faith replied, “because I have got better behaviour, and I don't wag as many lessons.”

Hazel is now working with other children in need of support at Faith’s school but Faith still pops in to see her. Hazel said, “Faith and her friend pop in to say hello a lot and they know I always have sweets, cereal bars, juice cartons and water. I think they like the friendly face.”

Even now Faith’s time on Power2 Rediscover has come to an end, knowing Hazel is in school is a source of comfort for her.