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Being a Project Lead on Teens and Toddlers, I draw on my past own experiences to empower others, to achieve self-belief and aspire to reach their full potential.

Suzanne has been a volunteer for the past seven years, and brings with her a wealth of experience working with people of all ages and abilities.  Her past roles include Beaver Scout Leader (5 to 8yrs old), Assistant Cub Scout Leader (8 to 10 yrs.), Scout leader (10 to 14 yrs.), Youth Club Worker (8 to 14 yrs.), Life-Skills Facilitator for disability groups (5 to 70+ yrs.) and a Visitors Centre Assistant (0 to 70+ yrs.).  As a Psychology student, peer mentor and Student Representative at her university, Suzanne has many transferable skills that facilitate her role at Power2.

I love working as a Project lead at Teens and Toddlers as I have the opportunity to ‘pass it on’; in other words, I have a fantastic opportunity to inspire and positively charge the lives of others through my own past inspirations and experiences.