Power2 is a unique organisation that supports young people, building care, compassion and a sense of responsibility which helps them make better decisions. Our approach is both innovative and dynamic and raises the aspirations of young people by pairing them as a mentor and role model with a child in a nursery who is in need of extra guidance and support. This, in turn, prepares the small children who are mentored by the teenagers for 'whole school readiness.' Three features of the charity which make us distinct are:

1. We target two sets of children so both benefit

Our flagship programme, Teens and Toddlers is unique because it targets two sets of children simultaneously, raising the aspirations of young people (aged 13-16) from disadvantaged areas by pairing them as a mentor and role model to a child (aged 3-5) in a nursery who is in need of extra support. This transformative work experience, combined with classroom training, teaches young people interpersonal skills and builds their sense of responsibility so they make positive decisions about their education, their health and their future. The children who have social, emotional or behavioural issues progress in key developmental areas including making four times the progress in communication and language as their peers who are not on the programme.

2. We benefit a wide age group

Further to the two sets of young people we target with our flagship programme, we also offer ongoing support to our graduates into their twenties through our Young Leaders programme.

3. We deliver multiple outcomes

Rather than focusing on one outcome, we run programmes which consistently deliver multiple outcomes for young people and young children. This includes improved attainment, behaviour and emotional resilience for young people, and improvement in confidence, communication and engagement in active play for young children. Details on our outcomes for young people can be found here.