A Power2 Success Story - Hafsah, 15

Hafsah was referred to our Teens and Toddlers programme at age 14, and after graduating with her NCFE Accreditation, she joined Young Leaders. She was the only one from her school joining at the time and bravely came into Manchester with her mum to meet Christina and Leah from our programme team. Hafsah said she “wanted to try new things, meet new people, and learn new skills but if I don’t like it, I don’t need to go back."

It was joining Young Leaders that really brought Hafsah out of her shell and helped her grow into a confident, passionate and forthcoming young adult.  

Quickly, Hafsah became a key presence in our Young Leaders sessions, becoming more and more vocal with her opinions and involved with the wider operations of Power2. During lockdown, she volunteered to co-lead one of our online Young Leaders sessions on the art of henna. She relished the opportunity to share her skillset with her peers and to also share the insights and meanings behind henna in her culture.  

Hafsah is going from strength to strength and we were thrilled to have her become a member of Power2's Youth Panel to represent our Young Leaders and young people in the North West. On this panel she has helped with funding proposals, given feedback on programmes and sessions she has completed, and taken part in a range of events as a young ambassador for Power2.  

She recently spoke about issues facing young people to Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham at the 2020 Northern Powerhouse Summit and has now been selected to sit on a new Youth Board for Greater Manchester, where she enjoys giving her ideas and being an active member of her community. Upon receiving her place, Hafsah said: “I’m grateful to be given the chance to make a difference to all the young people like me in Greater Manchester. I look forward to working to help everyone succeed!” 

The Chair of Greater Manchester’s Youth Task Force, Diane Modahl says that those involved were selected due to their passion “to share their experiences, opinions and needs of young people across the city-region, ensuring those commonly marginalised have their voices heard.” You can read more about Hafsah’s involvement here. 

Last month, Hafsah featured as a young panellist at Power2’s Look Back to the Future Event. Hafsah dedicated herself to weekly sessions in the lead up to the live webinar event and we were proud to have her represent Power2 on the night. She was clear, concise and conversational as she answered questions from the audience and interacted with Power2 Ambassadors, Jane Asher (Actress) and Dan Freedman (Author) with ease. 

She’s really begun to shine, and her Headteacher has nothing but praise for her incredible journey: 

“As you can imagine I am absolutely delighted by the work that Hafsah has done, all starting with the encouragement and support shown by Power2. I am not surprised that there is no stopping her! What an advocate she is for young women everywhere. I cannot thank the Power2 team enough for the opportunities that have been given to Hafsah and many other students from Abraham Moss.” 

Gill Houghton - Headteacher, Abraham Moss Community School 

Hafsah says, ‘Since I’ve become involved with Power2, I’ve found that I’m more self-sufficient, I can do things on my own and manage my own time...I feel Power2 has given me the power to learn a lot more about myself and all the different skills I can try.’ 

The change from the quiet and shy girl to someone who can present and express her views publicly with such ease is really striking, and we are incredibly proud of the progress she has made with us.