A Power2 Success Story - Hira, 18

Hira was put forward by her school for Power2 Rediscover as they felt the programme would support her communication and educational needs. During lockdown Hira struggled to find a routine which meant her sleep patterns, her schoolwork and her mental health were all negatively affected. Hira felt she did not have the opportunity to develop while in lockdown due to family pressures and other challenges, and that she was not the same enthusiastic person she was prior to the pandemic. Hira’s sixth form tutor said:

'Hira has always been a very quiet student with a small group of friends. She has a very close-knit family, with large responsibilities. In Year 12 she was always on the edge of the sixth form, not asking for support and not getting involved in any projects. Without support she could have just faded into the background.'

In the introduction 1-1 session of Power2 Rediscover Hira expressed her goal to become more confident – the primary reason for her embarking on the programme. She told her Programme Lead that she was feeling fearful and lacking confidence when presenting in class.. She was determined to overcome her fear as she knew delivering presentations was an important skill for her prospective university course and her career in the future.

The 1-1 sessions enabled Hira to reflect on her experiences, learn from them and set goals for the future, and helped her find a sense of routine that has greatly benefitted her schoolwork. She also really responded to the motivational quotes in the Rediscover workbook and explained that they encouraged her not to lose hope:

'When I read the quotes, it’s like something clicks. It’s like a lamp comes on and I see the world differently. There’s one that says "failure is not the end", and it’s not, it’s just the beginning. You make mistakes in order to learn. So I just loved that, it was really inspiring.'

Now at the end of the programme Hira is blooming with confidence. Since realising the benefits of applying the coping strategies identified in her workbook, she is steadily overcoming her fears of public speaking. She reported back to her Programme Lead that she had successfully delivered a presentation in class and that she was pleased with her more self-assured manner.

At the end of the programme Hira’s tutor noted the improvements in her confidence, behaviour and standard of work:

'Power2 has totally changed Hira’s outlook on life, her potential, as well as improving her focus and confidence. The change in her behaviour has been so clear – she is now mixing with other students outside of her close circle in the sixth form area, and she is asking for support when she needs it. Her standard of work has improved, and I really feel she has been encouraged by this to apply for university places next year. This would not have happened without the support and determination of her programme lead.

'It is fair to say that I think Power2 Rediscover has changed her life at school and her future prospects.'