Luca (12) finds confidence and is building better relationships after receiving Power2 Rediscover support.

The Power2 Rediscover programme is delivered through 10 weekly 1:1 sessions that help young people manage and navigate the effects of the pandemic. Sessions address issues around self-discipline, routine, confidence, mental health, wellbeing, and help young people identify ambitions and goals for the future.

Luca is just one of the young people we have been working with on the Power2 Rediscover programme at a school in Lambeth.

Luca says, “Before Power2 Rediscover, I was making the wrong choices. I’d get into arguments with teachers and ruin my learning time. It’s like something that happened in two minutes with a teacher could upset me for a whole hour. My Head of Year saw that I didn’t intend to get into trouble and put me on the programme to try and help.”

The programme supports participants to become more resilient to ongoing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. In the programme, young people work through an Outcome Star which helps them to identify areas of improvement. Luca identified that he was easily led by others and would often become angry, which affected his relationships with friends and teachers. He said that he struggled to focus on his lessons and wanted to “listen more and talk less.”

Luca has a love of basketball and likes to play in the evening. He said, “I want to become detention-free so I can play basketball. I will be happy if I don’t have to stay after school.”

Dawn, Power2’s Programme Lead, says:

 “It has been great to see the progress Luca has made through Power2 Rediscover. He’s grown from strength to strength. The past 2 years have been a very challenging time for young people, and many continue to need support as they adjust to new ways of learning. Programmes like Power2 Rediscover provide that extra support for young people who need it.”

An independent evaluation of Power2 Rediscover conducted by Renaisi showed that the programme is successfully generating the positive impact envisaged; 87% of young people whose wellbeing was low at the start of the programme saw an improvement by the end.

At the end of their last session together Dawn sat down with Luca to discuss his reflections. Here are just a few of the highlights from the conversation:

“The session where we did the star was my favourite. At first, it asked me about self-confidence and all that. And then we did it again, and the scores were all higher and it made me feel good about myself. I saw the growth.”

“I’m more open now. I used to be more of a closed book, I never used to share anything really. I’m proud because my behaviour is better and I’m no longer rude to my teachers.”

At the beginning of the programme, Luca struggled with self-confidence. He now has aspirations for the future. “I want to do something with sport or music. I want to be known for what I do, and I want to help others.”

Daniela, Luca’s mum, says:

“He's changed a lot and for the better. I can see the difference in his mood, communication, patience, and behaviour at school. We received a letter from the school to say that his teachers are very proud of him which makes me the proudest mum in the world.”

“He is communicating more in the house, helping us understand his feelings towards many subjects. The programme has made him a calmer young man and I am sure he will benefit from it now and in the future.”

“I cannot thank Power2 enough for the help in this process.”

Luca says:

“I want to say that the Power2 Rediscover programme really helped me, and I want to thank every person that contributes towards it. Other people should know that for every bad time there’s always going to be a good time.”