Lucy participated in our Teens and Toddlers programme and over a decade later she rejoined Power2 on a 5-month university student placement, in autumn last year. Here’s what she thought about the placement.

“I started the Teens and Toddlers programme in 2009 when I was in Year 9 and completed it in February 2010 and I absolutely loved every second. Most of my programme peers were from disadvantaged backgrounds and years later I still hold these relationships very dearly.”

“I had known many of the girls in my Teens and Toddlers group since primary school and had been bullied by one of them. During the sessions my perceptions of her changed and I saw her in a different light. We shared personal stories in a safe environment which allowed me to open up and understand why she was the way she was. As a result, our relationship became more positive.”

Lucy is studying Social Work at university and was looking for a placement working with young people when she stumbled across Power2.

“It wasn’t until I arrived for the interview at Power2 that I realised the Teens and Toddlers programme was still running. It felt like it was fate!”

“I was absolutely made up that I got to work with Power2 as I got to use my own experience of being on the programme and what I had learnt so far within my degree too. I just knew this placement was going to be a really good fit for me.”

Lucy has shadowed our Programme Leads delivering our Teens and Toddlers programme – the same programme she completed herself in 2009. She even made a breakthrough with one of our beneficiaries and helped change their negative perceptions of social workers.

“I have learnt so much more about behavioural challenges in young people and understanding that there’s always a reason behind that. I’ve built rapport with the young people and worked with them in a way that is effective and comfortable for them.”

Lucy’s university supervisor had this to say about Lucy’s placement.

“This has been a positive and very successful placement for Lucy and Power2 has demonstrated commitment to her learning and development as a practitioner. The staff team has been welcoming, supportive and nurturing. A diverse range of learning opportunities have been provided, from helping to facilitate intervention programmes to gaining additional knowledge through online training courses. A great experience all round!”

Lucy says, “It has brought back lots of memories for me and it’s been amazing to see both sides of the coin. The Teens and Toddlers programme very much focuses on future hopes and dreams and supports students to broaden their horizons and reach their full potential, massively building confidence and self-esteem. I can now understand why I was chosen for the programme back in 2009. I used to leave those sessions and feel so happy that I was provided a space where I could be myself and grow as a young person into the strong ambitious woman I am today.”

“I’ve loved every second of working with Power2.”