When Nabeelah* and I first met, online, she came across as nervous and anxious, and was feeling the negative impacts of the pandemic. We delved deeper to pinpoint issues and forged a strong foundation of trust that enabled open, non-judgemental conversations.

"Nabeelah told me she was more anxious than usual, having feelings of panic in crowded spaces such as school corridors, and this was affecting her concentration and self-confidence."

Nabeelah is a keen athlete and has won several competitions as a member of a local club. However the club had been closed for a substantial period and Nabeelah was experiencing a negative void while she couldn’t train. She is a studious person who excels academically and also described feeling under a lot of pressure to do well at school – pressure that had increased because of her own heightened anxiety and uncertainty about the future brought on by the pandemic.

During the 10 weekly Power2 Rediscover sessions, it was rewarding to see Nabeelah sharing more each week. She became visibly happier with decreased anxiety and improved confidence. She particularly enjoyed the ice breaker games and it was clear that when focusing on having fun she forgot about her initial issues, even if it just was for an hour a week. During lockdown and without prompt Nabeelah logged on from home to take part in our sessions, showing how invested she was in the positive work we were doing on her personal development.

The school has also noticed a huge positive difference in Nabeelah's confidence and self-esteem and it’s clear to both of us, and Nabeelah herself, that Power2 Rediscover not only bridged a gap and helped her through a difficult period at the start of the pandemic but also empowered her to strive for more. Positive feedback and a ‘stepping stones’ plan helped her reach her goals. Nabeelah now talks about her dream of becoming a professional athlete or a physiotherapist and her plans to go to university. She is also now a Student Ambassador, a proud representative of her school and a respected positive role model for other students.

*not her real name